Chandler Show String

Best 10 head shown in 1927 or 1928 in Kansas City, Denver, Ogden,
Pacific International, to name a few of the shows Chandler Herefords attended

The consistency of Chandler Herefords is hard to miss.
Much of this started in the 1930's with the Mark Donald bloodline.

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Donald Domino 16th
Sire: Donald Domino 16th
calved May 14, 1936
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from 1966 sale catalogue
The Famous Mark Donald 3020555
Mark Donald 3020555
Miss Mark 34th
Dam: Miss Mark 34th

Donald Dhu
Donald Dhu

Donald Dhu was a full blood brother to Mark Donald.
His dam, Miss Mark 61 was a full sister to Miss Mark 34.
The consistency of this bloodline proved itself in both
the show ring and the breeding pasture.

Historically, Chandler Herefords have had a consistency which is unsurpassed.
Check out these winning 'carloads' from Denver.

Denver Grand Champions, 1958
Denver Grand Champions, 1958

Denver Reserve Champions, 1959
Denver Reserve Champions, 1959

Denver Reserve Champions, 1960
Denver Reserve Champions, 1960

Take a look at more classic Chandler Herefords
from the past and the present in our photo gallery.


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