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Chandler Herefords Inc., near Baker City, Oregon is a family enterprise that spans over 145 years in the same location, and nearly 120 years of raising purebred Hereford cattle. Six generations of Chandler family have taken part in this venture and the accomplishments of Chandlers and our Hereford cattle are an integral part of breed history known around the world.

If it's time to improve your genetics, we have the tools to get the job done! Through our rock solid genetic program you can add the benefits of our cattle's ability to gain on all feed conditions. The records they have made at North Platte Feeders prove this. Efficiency far beyond the industry average with incredible gains! Historical data average on over 600 head with a dry matter conversion of 5.43 lbs/lb output and average daily gain 4.2 pounds.

You can add size to your herd with the correct type and appealing body conformation that has been consistently prominent in our cattle throughout the years. We have competitively shown cattle all over the country at state fairs and all the major shows in the United States and some in Canada. One of the questions we recently had from one of the staff of AHA was: "How have you maintained all the natural depth and thickness in your cattle all these years?" Our answer "six generations of Chandlers with the same eye for good cattle".

Our cattle rate right up in the top ΒΌ percent with their EPDs and are improving steadily with each generation. Check out the EPDs on the bulls we are offering for sale this year listed in this Web Page. They are very strong with little variation from one animal to the other. The uniformity has been "built in" our cattle by selecting with the same things in mind consistently through six generations and over 100 plus years in the registered business. We breed this uniformity and it is passed on to you when mated to your own cattle!

registered hereford cattle since 1889We have tried to stay close to the market demands of today and in years past by not chasing every fad that comes along. The last couple of years we have put our steers, that were for sale, with Willard Wolf on the Internet. The demand for these cattle in the feedlot is apparent because they are almost always sold on the very same day that they were listed with competitive bidding and we have always received premium prices.

Gentle dispositions are prevalent in our cattle. We have chosen cattle with these excellent dispositions through the years. We have also halter broken all the registered calves ever since we can remember which is a big job but well worth it. This makes for happy customers if they have to handle any of the cattle coming from this operation for any purpose for they never forget that training.

View of the Elkhorn RangeHistory
Charles Chandler headed west by wagon train from Missouri in 1862 heading toward the gold rush of California. In Idaho they heard of gold discovered in Bourne, Oregon and decided to head to Oregon along the Oregon Trail. The journey west lasted over 4 months before their arrival at the Baker Valley in September of 1862. The untouched valley had been irrigated by beavers and the grass was as high as your stirrups. George Chandler was a 16 year old youth then, and he had walked most of Original Chandler Cabinthe way handling the oxen team. This was where the family decided to settle, however with winter fast approaching preparations had to be made. A cabin had to be built from logs in the area and hay was cut from the wild grasses in order to feed stock. Two trips were made to Umatilla Landing and Walla Walla for enough staples to last them the winter. The Chandlers decided they would rather go into the business of supplying the miners, than become miners. They started with Shorthorn cattle to supply beef to the fast growing area.
In 1889 George Chandler made a decision which would change the face of the Chandler operation. He purchased some Herefords from J. W. McKinney, and as they say, 'the rest is history'!

1909 Hereford PedigreeMany great bulls became the foundation of Chandler Herefords, not the least of which was the famous Mark Donald, 3020555, who was bred by my father Herbert Chandler, raised in Baker Oregon and shown by us all over the country. And I might say he caused quite a stir in the Hereford industry then and is now gaining popularity again as people are trying to put together as much Mark Donald breeding as possible, but of course it is diluted with other families of Herefords. Historic Mark Donald bulls and cows can be viewed here. The consistency and strength of this breeding program is hard to miss.




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